French for Absolute Beginners

This course is intended for complete beginners or for those who ‘did it at school’ but have forgotten everything! The aim is to prepare learners to move onto the other beginner level French classes that ACIP offers.

Who will benefit from this class?
This class would suit you if you are new to French or need to make a fresh start at the absolute beginner level.

What will you do in this class?
The course is divided into 2 segments of 10 and 8 weeks. The 10 week part is held in the autumn and the 8 week part from February onwards. Classes are conducted in English.
Each class (in the 10 week part) has a similar format – a short section on grammar with a few exercises and discussion, then vocabulary (with handouts) for various scenarios, followed by crossword or word search games.
It is not the intention to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Rather the aim is to build confidence. Any class work is carried out in pairs or in a larger group.
The 8 week class is intended as a follow up for members from Part 1 but is open to all. These classes will focus on listening and using ‘games’ to form sentences, working in groups, as before.

Please note: This class is finished until further notice and maintains a waiting list.

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