Spaans – Beginner

We are now able to offer members a Beginner’s Spanish course. This class is an introductory class for anyone interested in learning to speak and understand Spanish for use in practical day-to-day situations. It will start in mid-September 2017 and run, initially, for three months.

Who will benefit from this class?
If you would like to be able to speak and understand simple Spanish in everyday situations – perhaps while on holiday or during winter months spent in Spain, then this course will be a valuable starting point. Equally, if learning Spanish would simply be for your own pleasure then this class will help you develop the language skills you will need.

All nationalities are welcome to attend. Group size will be limited to 12.

What will you learn in this class?

With an emphasis on speaking, listening and understanding, you will learn to communicate in a wide range of practical situations such as shopping, traveling and eating out, as well as developing a real feel for Hispanic culture.

A variety of different activities and multi-media materials will be used to help you:
• build basic vocabulary and learn useful phrases
• develop your understanding of the structure of the language so that you can build your own sentences with ease
• read and write in Spanish
• appreciate the cultural diversity of Spanish-speaking countries featured in the learning materials.

Who leads this class?

A new ACIP member, Sally Dixon, will lead the class. Sally is an experienced and qualified teacher of English as a foreign language and also teaches French. Her passion for Spanish is born of her close family ties with Spain and her love of the way the language sounds. She is a dynamic teacher who aims to meet your individual needs within a lively group setting.

When is this class?

This class will start in mid-September and will, initially, run for three months. It will be held on Wednesday afternoons in Le Bastion.

How do I sign up?

Please contact Sally Dixon at before July 14th if you would like to sign up for this course. Please note that the group size will be limited to 12 and places will be reserved ‘on a first come, first served basis’.

Group Leader: Sally Dixon
Location: Le Bastion, Le Bugue
Frequency: Wednesdays (from 13th September)
Time: 14.30pm

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