First Steps in French Conversation

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This class is for those who have a working knowledge of spoken and written French in familiar situations, but wish to build their confidence in a broader range of settings.

Who will benefit from this class?
If you have confidence using French in everyday transactional situations, but need to become more confident in unfamiliar situations; if you still struggle on occasions with correct pronunciation; if you have a good basic vocabulary but wish to extend it, and if you wish to extend your knowledge of France and the French, then this class would suit you.

What will you do in this class?
We use mainly French as a learning medium. English is used occasionally, as needed for clarity. Classes will include:
• word games to increase vocabulary.
• individual and group discussions on a wide variety of subjects.
• reading a variety of texts aloud to improve pronunciation.
• exploring the geography and history of France, and a wide variety of current affairs – in French.
• exploring grammar as it arises within a given context.
• laughing at our mistakes, and sharing information and knowledge with each other.

A new tutor being sought for this class

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