French conversation – Stage 7

This is an hour and a half of conversation around a prearranged topic which is focussed but unstructured i.e. there is no specific slot for grammar, syntax, etc. Although the conversation remains fluid and pertinent, persistent mistakes are corrected and explanations given. The entire session is solely in French.

Requirements for this class are a level of French which is fluent but not necessarily accurate with the emphasis on helping participants to acquire the necessary confidence to express fairly complex ideas without worrying about the occasional mistake in vocabulary or grammar.

The topics covered are usually around current affairs with a lively exchange between the various nationalities represented. At present there are 8 participants so everyone has plenty of opportunity to make the best of their spoken French.

Group Leaders: Marie Lacheze & Andree Ricquard
Location: ACIP Room, Le Bastion, Le Bugue
Frequency: Mondays
Time: 16.30 – 18.00

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