English Stage 1

The spoken English level of this group will suit learners of English who have progressed from the ‘beginner’ stage. You will be able to communicate without undue hesitation, be understood and understand other speakers. As an example, if you were approached by someone in the street, you could give them clear directions to their intended destination. The interactive format of these sessions is varied to include teaching of the subject matter and free-ranging discussions on topical subjects. The teacher-trained facilitator is English and speaks at an understandable speed. For aspiring students who are unsure about the level of this group, the facilitator will gladly welcome you to a ‘taster’ session.

Group Leader: Bryony Marshall
Mail: bryonydelacym@hotmail.com
Location: At present in student’s houses on a rota basis as the class is small.
Frequency: Tuesdays (beginning Tuesday 6th September)
Time: 18.30pm

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