English for beginners

This class is for those who have little or no knowledge or understanding of English.

Who will benefit from this class?
Perhaps you studied English at school many years ago and have forgotten most of what you learnt, or you have never learnt English before and now wish to be able to speak a little. This course will teach you the basic elements of English, both vocabulary and grammar and enable you to learn further by progressing to the next level of classes offered by ACIP.

What will you do in this class?
 The course covers themed topics, such as: how to greet and meet people; your house and garden; directions and finding your way around; going shopping; planning a journey.
 Grammar points and cultural references and comparisons are explored during the course of each theme.
 Games, worksheets, flash cards and role play are used, with the emphasis being on speaking and communication; there is a little written work and both written and oral comprehension.
 The aim is for everyone to enjoy the process in a lighthearted and fun atmosphere with no pressure!

Who leads this class?
Absolute Beginners is taught by Bryony Marshall, an English teacher for twenty years, and ex-head of department in an independent school in Yorkshire, UK. Bryony loves teaching and encouraging those who are interested in beginning to learn English.

When is this class?
The class takes place weekly on Tuesday evenings and will start towards the end of October.

How do I enrol?
Please contact Bryony further details, to register your interest and to sign up.

Group Leader: Bryony Marshall
Mail: president.acip24@gmail.com
Location: ACIP Room, Le Bastion, Le Bugue
Frequency: Tuesday evenings
Time: 18.30-20.00pm

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