Short Walks

Korte Wandelingen

In this group walks are generally limited to 5 to 6 kilometres in length, over ground that is not too steep and is easy going underfoot (not too muddy, or too stony). The group sets off from a pre-arranged venue every Wednesday morning.

Members may bring (friendly) dogs, but they should be kept on short (non-extending) leads at all times.

When walking on roads French law will apply, i.e. –
• 1 – 2 people must walk facing oncoming traffic
• 3 – 10 people must walk with the flow of traffic in a tight single file
• 10 – 20 people – same as above but divided into two groups.

It is wise to wear clothing and footwear which is appropriate to woodland pathways and to know that your state of health and stamina will not be adversely affected by any climbs or rough terrain. The leader of a walk should remain in front, and a nominated person should stay at rear. These two walkers should wear visi-vests.

Members are encouraged to discover walks for the rest of us to enjoy.

Group Leaders: Catherine Balaam and Jane LeMaux
Location: Various, usually within a 10k radius of Le Bugue.
Frequency: Weekly on Wednesday mornings
Time: Time and location notified by email

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