French for Beginners

This course is intended for complete beginners or for those who ‘did French at school’ but may have been put off for some reason or have ‘forgotten’ everything and need to start again. Being able to communicate in day to day situations helps us to integrate with and feel a part of daily life in France. This course aims to help participants to begin to do just that.

Who will benefit from this class?
This class would suit you if you are completely new to French or you need to make a fresh start by going back to the basics of French at an absolute beginner level.

What will you get from this course?
This absolute beginner’s course will give you:
• key vocabulary, useful phrases and sentences that you will need to get by in the sorts of everyday scenarios and situations that you are likely to encounter living in France.
• the basic grammar essential to put together simple sentences in French.
• help with the pronunciation needed to ensure you will be understood.
• reinforcement of your learning at every step.
• suggestions about ways to practice what you have begun to learn and on how to build your language skills in between classes.

Above all the course will give you the confidence to ‘have a go’ and communicate in different everyday situations, get things done, extend your contacts and build friendships within the local French community.

Who leads this class?
Given the large number of students who wish to start with their first steps in French, we have two identical classes. One is led by Dominique Tallet and Pascal Van Tulder (weekly on Tuesday 15.45 – 16.45h) and the other led by Michèle Hoffmann and Carol Robinson (weekly on Wednesday 13.45-14.45h)

Group Leader: Andre De Wandeler
Location: ACIP Clubhouse, Le Buisson
Frequency: Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Time: See above

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