Art Appreciation

Do you love great art and the creative process? Then this course is for you. Or is your knowledge of art limited and you’d like to significantly expand it? Then this course is for you, too.

For over 50 years ACIP member Jeff Bottger has been studying, collecting, and enjoying art in its many forms, including painting, sculpture, serigraphy, wood blocks, textiles, engravings, mosaics and illuminated manuscripts. He looks forward to bringing his artistic knowledge to life for you.

Come and discover the lives and artistic output not only of some of the world’s greatest artists but also of some you may never have heard of. Visual projections of selected artworks will enliven every class discussion in this educational and inspirational course!

Please note that whilst all are welcome, the course and content will be conveyed solely in English. Or more accurately, American…

Group Leader: Jeff Bottger
Location: ACIP Clubhouse, Le Buisson
Frequency: 2nd Friday of each month
Time: 10h00 – 11h30

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