The gardening group has been organised to share knowledge, experience, tips and good practice so that we can all plant up and maintain our gardens and vegetable plots with a fair level of success. However, the focus now is not so much to meet regularly in members’ gardens, but to meet on-line and share experiences, photos and tips there.

We will also meet in members’ gardens from time to time on an ad hoc basis to swap plants, seeds and cuttings.

We have selected to use Facebook as the online tool for our group as it is “free” to use and known by many of our members. If you are not familiar with it, or are nervous about using it, we are prepared to run mini-training sessions to help you get going.

The name of the Facebook Group is ACIP24 Gardening Group or if you search for it, you will be asked if you are a member of ACIP. Regardless of whether you answer Yes or No, a moderator will deal with your request.

Group Leader: Jane Le Maux (assisted by Evelyn Kaplan).

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