Upcoming Events

In addition to our regular Friday evening soirées we also plan a number of themed activities over the calendar year to coincide with (inter)national or local customs and traditions.

The agenda is subject to confirmation as the year progresses but the aim is to provide the listed activities as a general framework for the coming year. The event organiser and their contact details (if known) are in brackets so please get in touch with them for more information or if you feel that you can assist in any way.

For more general and wide-ranging events within the region please follow these links:

Dordogne Périgord Tourism

Tous Voisins

Guide to Perigord

31st May - Clubhouse soirée (Chris Osbourne and Evelyn Kaplan)

June and September - soirée events to be announced

7th July - Summer BBQ (Paleyrac) (Alec Robshaw)

September - Murder - mystery event !! (Evelyn Kaplan)

25th October - Clubhouse soirée - "October Rose" charity event (Lesley Borland)

24th November - Vide Grenier, PAC, Le Buisson

29th November - Clubhouse soirée & art exhibition (Alec Robshaw)

November - ACIP AGM

December - Christmas luncheon (date and venue to be confirmed) (Lesley Borland)

All details for these and other events will be announced in good time by email.