Language study

ACIP offers a series of French language classes from absolute beginner to advanced conversation. These run weekly from mid-September to the end of June with breaks for the Christmas and Easter holidays. These courses are currently free to members.

Given the high demand and the requirement for you to make a commitment to attend, language classes are only open to ACIP members who are permanently resident in France. Our classes are generally over-subscribed, so we may have to impose a time limit on how long a student can remain in a class. Students must commit to follow the classes on a regular basis and failure to do so may result in their forfeiting their place on the course. Priority will be given to those people who are prepared to commit themselves to the task of learning.

The maximum number of students per class will generally be no more than twelve people. Applications to join a language class should be sent to the language coordinator Jonathan Brooks. If you are awarded a place on a course, you will generally start in the following September. Admissions within the academic year may be occasionally possible for one of the conversation classes.

If you are interested in supporting or helping with our language training efforts then please make contact here.

Language Learning tips