Intermediate French

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This course is for those with a good basic knowledge of French who are aiming to integrate quickly and easily into local French life and be able to handle day-to-day situations with accuracy, understanding and confidence.

Who will benefit from this class?
This class would suit you if you are ready to build on your good level of beginner French by improving your grammar, sentence structuring and pronunciation while gaining the confidence you need to communicate easily and effectively in everyday situations and conversations. If a straightforward structured approach appeals to you then this class is for you.

What will you do in this class?
This class has a structured approach to learning with a focus on accurate grammar and sentence construction for everyday use and includes:

• explanations of French grammar and sentence construction in English.
• reviewing the grammar used in texts covering a variety of themes.
• using grammar and vocabulary taught in class to report personal experiences.
• exploring cultural topics to help understand French life.
• translating texts at home or those dictated in class.
• reading and listening comprehensions.
• spontaneous writing exercises.
• short oral presentations to build confidence in speaking.
• question and answer games based on work done in class and as homework.
• other student led activities.

Temporarily on hold – a new tutor is being sought for this class.
Please make initial contact with our language coordinator Andre De Wandeler if you are interested in supporting our language training efforts.

Group Leader: A new tutor is being sought for this class

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