Private French classes

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Elisabeth Winterhalter, one of our ACIP sponsors, runs a well established language school in Ste Alvère, teaching both French and English. Liz is a bilingual and talented language teacher who offers private individual tuition and group sessions for adults and children. She also leads our very successful quiz evenings in French and English.

As a way of meeting the growing demand ACIP has for French language teaching, we are partnering with Liz to set up private group sessions at her school for ACIP members at a special discounted rate. These sessions will be for those at post-beginner or intermediate levels, depending on the need.

Normal rates for groups at the school are 15 euros a session per student. However, Liz will offer 10 group sessions for ACIP at 11 euros a session, payable in advance. To create a good learning environment a minimum of 4 students is necessary to start a group, with a maximum of 8 students.

Individual one-to-one hourly classes can also be arranged with Liz at 22 euros for ACIP members (her normal rate being 25 euros).

If you would be interested in joining one of Liz’s groups or in taking one-to-one sessions with Liz, please contact her directly at

You can learn about her school on her website –

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