Next Steps in French Conversation


This class is for those who already have a reasonable knowledge of French grammar – in other words, how to build sentences – and of day-to-day vocabulary and now wish to extend their learning through guided conversation, while appreciating French culture.

Who will benefit from this class?
This class aims to enrich your French vocabulary and improve your French grammar and pronunciation so that you are able to build sentences more easily, be more clearly understood and to better understand written and spoken French in daily life. Frequent reminders of grammar – the rules, whether a sentence ‘sounds’ right – will be made when necessary. Vocabulary will be explored – the words, their families, etymology, and false friends. Repetition will often occur as this helps learning and recall. Some homework is asked every week on various topics or individual experiences. If you want to enrich your French in this way, then this class would suit you.

What will you do in this class?
Through guided conversation you will:
• discuss the homework drafted by learners. This is usually based on individual experiences.
• talk about topical issues such as items from the press and current events. We also explore aspects of French and regional culture.
• role play day-to-day situations – for example customer/craftsman or customer/shopkeeper exchanges, even by phone.
• focus on particular vocabulary sets – for example birds names, parts of the human body, numbers etc.
• translate texts from both French and English.
• do dictations.
• and, for more fun, we play games such as Trivial Pursuits, work out riddles and do crosswords. Playful yes, but really useful for learning.

Who leads this class?
Martine Pothier and Suzanne Legrand share the leadership of this class. They are not former teachers, and are not completely fluent in English, but they are eager to help you discover the French language, the French way of life and the Périgord.

Please make initial contact with our language coordinator Andre De Wandeler if you are interested in joining this group.

Group Leaders: Mimi Hedan, Martine Pothier & Suzanne Legrande
Location: ACIP Clubhouse, Le Buisson
Frequency: Wednesday mornings
Time: 10.00 – 11.30

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