ACIP needs you!

We are only able to do all that we do in ACIP because of our active group of committed volunteers supporting the work of the Committee. It is because we have so much talent, enthusiasm and commitment in the association that we are able to offer so many different activities, themed social events and our superb venue for all members to enjoy.

Volunteers help in so many ways. They give their ideas, their comments and their moral support so we can improve the way we do things. Furthermore over forty members give of their time to:

• act as Group Leaders of 25 + groups
• help out before, during and after ACIP events
• translate into French and Dutch
• provide technical and on-line support
• help to refurbish and maintain our superb venue in Le Buisson

Thank you to everyone for their skilful work, their time and their goodwill.

If you think you too can help in anyway, please contact Evelyn Kaplan at evelyn.kaplan@gmail.com

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