ACIP Clubhouse

ACIP’s new home since January 2022, our Clubhouse can be found at 4 Rue François Meulet in Le Buisson-de-Cadouin (see map here). Our new premises are both spacious and offer great accessibility via a lift (or stairs) up to the first level of what was the old Mairie building. There is ample parking outside and in various nearby locations for the convenience of members.

These large, sunlit and warm spaces offer two well-appointed rooms, alongside adjoining balconies, to provide a wonderful classroom, another comfortable sitting / social room (serviced by a separate tea bar) that overall lend themselves to our varied functions and events. Occupying the whole of the first floor, access is gained via stairs or a lift and there is now a secondary emergency exit direct to street level, so wheelchair or disabled access is facilitated.

A small army of volunteers undertook the significant refurbishment in late 2021, harnessing their special skills and energy to transform and adapt the building to our precise needs. The new clubhouse now provides comfortable and flexible spaces for group activities, small social events and drop-in sessions, and thanks to a small team of gifted designers we have created surroundings that are restorative and inspiring.

The large lounge area can be used for some of our group activities (such as card and board games) as well as social events including our monthly soirees. There is a stereo system and several bookcases which house our library of international classics and best-sellers, and the walls are adorned with canvasses created by some of our talented members (see the below link for more details).

A serving hatch opens into the well-equipped kitchen from where refreshments can be served at very reasonable prices to fortify the soul and make for some convivial occasions.

Above all, the ACIP Clubhouse has a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere – a place to meet, greet, learn, chill out and, of course, have fun.

Our classroom space is in a separate room which boasts a multimedia projector / screen and white boards for groups that need such facilities. It is large enough to house group activities as diverse as yoga and art appreciation, music and painting, and provides great lighting via large patio doors that lead onto an adjoining balcony area (which of course provides welcome ventilation in the summer months).

In summary, our superb clubhouse is furnished to a high standard and provides the welcoming spaces needed to support our varied activities. The dedicated learning space is used for language courses and many other groups who enjoy a comfortable environment, amongst friends. We also have a small library of English, French and Dutch books to swap and a selection of games to enjoy within the lounge area – in all, a wonderful space to welcome members, new and old.

ACIP thrives due to the energy and talents of our varied membership, and to find out more about the artists involved in the clubhouse decor please follow this link Clubhouse artwork

And for those who are interested, here are a few photos from our 2022 Clubhouse inauguration here

  • Please note that for the comfort of the wider membership, pets are sadly not allowed in the Clubhouse.