1st May 2024 - Please note that Zumba classes are currently suspended, until further notice.

What is Zumba?

Zumba is a workout with movements inspired by various Latin American dance styles, performed to music. It has become a popular and trendy workout around the world.

It is effective in burning calories, toning your arms, legs, stomach and sculpting your muscles. Designed as a combination of salsa, cha cha, zumba and aerobics, there is no right or wrong way to do Zumba. As long as you move to the beat of the music, you are participating in the exercise. Zumba involves moving your whole body - from your arms to your shoulders to your feet - so you get a full body workout that doesn't feel like work. It's a fun and social way to burn calories, enjoy fitness and learn new steps.

Line dancing too?

Yes, we'll learn some of the line dances that are so popular locally - it's a great way to get fit and it also means you can boogie on the dance floor at the night market!

Who is it for?

Anyone can join, no matter if you are unfit or overweight - the class can be adapted and tailored to suit all abilities - although people with heart or joint problems should not participate as this will put too much stress on your body. The group will be limited to 10 people to ensure there is enough space.

Clothing Loose-fitting gym gear and leggings would be best with a pair of supportive trainers or trainers.

Timeframe There will be one session per week for an initial six weeks.

Who is the leader?

The group will be led by Alison Collins.

Alison retired as a head teacher to enjoy life in the Dordogne Valley five years ago. She has kept fit and active by taking part in dance, Zumba and fitness training. In Chester, she assisted the Zumba instructor, leading sessions and introducing new warm-up routines. She has just started a Zumba instructor programme and has completed her instructor's certificate.

Contact Zumba Group Leader

1st May 2024 - Please note that Zumba classes are currently suspended, until further notice.

In the first instance please contact Alison Collins if you wish to join the class. Space is limited to 12 people.

Group Leader: Alison Collins

Location: ACIP Clubhouse, Le Buisson

Frequency: Two Monday afternoon sessions

Time: 14.30 & 16.00pm